General Information

The Cross inflatable tents, made by QuinQ, can be used at any location and for any event. Whether your event is in- or outdoor, these Cross tents will make the difference! A real eye-catcher that will promote your event or boost your brand like nothing else. QuinQ is your partner when it comes to mobility, high end products, creativity and tents that are easy to use.

Sophisticated design

Form goes hand in hand with function in the smart and innovative QuinQ tents. A beautiful shape, aerodynamic design and maximum usable inner space… QuinQ tents have it all. However it does not stop here. All QuinQ tents feature many smart design details. Details which as such may not seem impactful, but which altogether emphasize the premium quality of QuinQ Inflatables.

Modular construction

Due to their innovative modular construction, all QuinQ X-tents can easily be transformed. For example, when transforming an X3 into an X5, all you need to do is exchange the centre HUB and attach the number of frame legs (tubes) that is needed. Just ensure that all tubes have the same size. This upgrade option makes the Cross tents unique and adaptable for every event!

Flexible and expandable

Due to their modular construction, the possibilities to adjust or expand your Cross tents are endless. From the base package, containing one tent, to an entire tent village, you can create the setup that suits your event best. By either adding side walls and canopies or by combining various tent shapes and sizes, Cross tents can be catered exactly to your needs.

Quality in every detail

First of all, the impeccable quality of QuinQ tents reveals itself in the smart and innovative construction of the frame, ensuring that you get the highest level of functionality, convenience and user friendliness. Besides, QuinQ tents are made with the best quality materials that you can find. The tents and materials are tested to the limit, ensuring that they are wind stable, water resistant, flame retardant and have UV-protection. Due to their smart, feather-light construction and low weight materials, QuinQ tents are easy to transport.

Quick setup

Making use of a unique single inflation system QuinQ tents will be up and ready to use within minutes. Through only one valve you can inflate the entire tent! Once the tent is inflated, there is nothing that needs to stay connected. Your QuinQ tent is ready to use.


Due to the use of a waterproof PU coated Polyester canopy and taped seams, a QuinQ tent is a watertight and reliable shelter. Depending on size, it can withstand wind-forces up to at least 7 Bft (≤ 61km/h), assuming the tent has been properly secured and anchored. Besides all tents are made of flame retardant (class B1 certified) UV-stabilized material.

Colours & Customizing

QuinQ tents can be ordered in a wide range of colours, which allows for an individual design. The tent frame, roof, side-panels, canopy and CrossOver panels will be produced in the colour of your choice. Besides the choice of colours, you may also have your tent customized by printing your logo or graphics on the roof and side walls.

Fully customizing your QuinQ tent is also possible. This option may involve full-surface printing of the entire roof of the tent and any other components. Full-surface printing is done through dye-sublimation printing. The result is a unique event tent that will amaze all your guests.