There are multiple options to extend or differentiate your CROSS tent. Every CROSS tent can be fitted with sidewalls, canopies, cross-over panels, etc. All these components are fully customizable if you want your own design, brand or logo printed on them.


All the CROSS tents start with our base package. This has the complete inflatable frame and the roof connected to it. The roof does not have to come off when deflating or storing your CROSS tent. The tent will be delivered in a transport bag. Included in the base package are an emergency repair kit, a hand pump and anchoring lines. All you need to set up your CROSS tent!

Sidewall with Center Split

Having the sidewall with the centre split gives you the opportunity to completely close your CROSS tent. Giving you the maximum shelter you need. The sidewall with Centre Split can be connected to any of the sides you want and is zipped in once the tent is inflated. Printing the Centre Split sidewall is no problem!


Putting in a sidewall will give extra shelter but also creates a perfect surface to print your logo or design. The sidewall is easy to zip in and can be fitted once your CROSS tent is inflated. You can connect the sidewall to every side of the CROSS tent. And if you want a different look for different events you can order different sidewalls whenever you want!


Extending the covered space of your CROSS tent and giving it a different look is easy by adding a Canopy. This Canopy can be connected to any side and also has an inflatable tube. This makes it an integrated part of your CROSS tent. The Canopy is connected once your CROSS tent is inflated. With sidewalls and a Canopy your CROSS tent will be a unique icon at any event.

Sidewall with door

Zipping in the sidewall with complete door will give you a closed area in the tent while keeping the door open will invite people to come into the tent. The door can be closed should you leave the tent for multiple days so when the venue is closed there is no easy access to the tent.

Sidewall with window

If you want some privacy in the tent but still need to have an open space idea, you can connect the sidewall that is partly transparent. Only the last 80cm from the floor are not transparent. This gives the privacy you need when sitting down at tables in the tent. When using the tent outside, the sidewall is ideal to keep you and your guests warm and protected.

Sidewall Transparent

Keeping an open structure but still having some sidewalls connected is possible by using the completely transparent sidewalls. This will let you look out from inside the tent but provides some shelter against the elements outside. The sidewall can easily be zipped in once the tent is inflated.

Cross-over panel

The CROSS-OVER panels will make it possible to connect your tents with each other. As long as the tent is from the same range (X3 connects with X3, the X4 with another X4 and the X5 with the X5), you can connect the same size or one size bigger/smaller to your tent. This gives you the opportunity to create your own ‘village’ of inflated tents.

Demo the Components, experience it yourself!

Ready for a demo? Within a few minutes it is settled and you can see the Components in action. Contact us and we'll make sure you get a demo!