You can choose from a range of accessories to complete your tent. From electric pumps to ballast weight. Even fitting LED light in the tent is easy. Please find below all the options and order what you need for your QUINQ tent.

All-in-one Bag

Your inflatable tent will be delivered in a handy bag that makes it ideal to transport the tent to any location. After deflating the tent you can store it in the bag until you need your tent again. For bigger tents you can also use a bag on a trolley for easier transport. All QUINQ tents are delivered in a standard bag.

QuinQ Pumps

For a quick set up it is easy to use our electric pump. This 1.000 WATT pump will inflate the complete tent in a quick and safe way. For bigger tents even more powerful pumps are available.

Cross ballast

Ballast bags are used when the tent is up in strong winds. These ballast bags can be filled with sand and connected to the ‘legs’ of the tent. This ensures the tent will stay stable during your event, even in bad weather.

Anchoring Pins

Anchoring pins can be used to secure the anchoring lines that are standard on all QUINQ tents. The anchoring pins are available in different sizes and shapes, depending on the size tent you will use. Anchoring the tent is advised at all times to keep the tent in a stable position when winds pick up or weather changes.


To make your QUINQ tent stand out even more, you can fit it with LED-lighting. With our smart design you won’t have any loose cables running through the tent. The LED light creates the right scene for your event. The LED light can be switched on in a variety of colours.

Demo the Accessories, experience it yourself!

Ready for a demo? Within a few minutes it is settled and you can see the Accessories in action. Contact us and we'll make sure you get a demo!